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Wallet, Exchange, Tools
and How to Spend Crypto

If you're wondering what wallets, exchanges, and crypto tools are,
and you don't know how to spend cryptocurrencies...

Read this article of mine to start this adventure.


The most widely used wallet for Ethereum, EVM networks, Dapps, and NFTs

Trust Wallet

Best wallet for smartphones

Phantom Wallet

The best wallet for Solana SOL

Tron Link

Best wallet for Tron TRX

XVerse Wallet

Wallet for BTC, STX, Ordinals and Rare Satoshi

Ledger Wallet

Hardware wallet, best long-term security

Atomic Wallet

Multi Wallet with cross-chain swap functionality for networks

Keplr Wallet

Best wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem - ATOM

Wombat Wallet

Wallet for EOS, compatible with Wombat

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