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Swash - Earn from your data.

Network: Dai - Ethereum

Platform: PC

Swash is a browser extension that allows you to earn while browsing the web.

It enables individuals to earn from the value of their data, recognizing them as integral components of the data economy.

Swash is reinventing data ownership by enabling all actors in the data economy to earn, access, create, and collaborate in a liquid digital data ecosystem.

When you use the Swash app, you earn Swash's native cryptocurrency, $SWASH, for the value of the data collected while browsing.

Swash is supported on two different blockchains, the xDai sidechain or the Ethereum mainnet.

We recommend using xDai as it is much faster, more efficient, and Swash will cover the transaction costs for you!

While Ethereum is the most widely used network, it can be slow and expensive.


  • Download the extension

  • Sign up and instantly receive 50 SWASH

  • Complete your profile and verify your email and phone number to receive an additional 50 SWASH

  • Earn SWASH for the value of your data by browsing the web.

  • SWASH Referral Bonus: Earn SWASH by inviting friends.

  • Withdraw when you reach 10 SWASH in your wallet, use the xDai sidechain!

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