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XVerse - Wallet for Rare Bitcoin and Satoshis

The Xverse is a self-custodial (decentralized) wallet that supports Bitcoin, Stacks, and fungible SIP-010 tokens built on Stacks.

Additionally, Xverse supports the purchase, sale, and trading of Ordinal Bitcoin "NFTs" and Rare Satoshis.

XVerse is particularly suited for researching and selling Rare Satoshis, where you can:

  • View and securely store a range of rare and exotic sats in your XVerse Wallet.

  • Easily browse through all Rare Satoshis and collectible items.

  • Prevent accidentally spending Rare Satoshis as regular BTC payments.

If you want to check whether a rare or exotic Satoshi is present in your wallet, you can use SATING.

Wallet XVerse Features:

  • Send and receive BTC

  • Send and receive STX

  • Send and receive ordinals

  • Sending and receiving Stax NFTs

  • Management of Rare Satoshis

XVerse Wallet Setup

To get started, download XVerse, available for Android, iOS, and Chrome extensions.

2. Backup 12 word

It's crucial to back up the secret 12-word recovery phrase.

  1. Aggiunta di Fondi

You can send Crypto to XVerse. Click on "Receive" to view your receiving addresses.

As you can see from the screen on the right, you will find two Bitcoin addresses:

  • The first one (35MK...) is related to the SegWit format of Bitcoin, simply use it to deposit Bitcoin.

  • The second one (bc1p) is a Bitcoin Taproot address, you'll need to use this.per interagire con Ordinals e Satoshi Rari.

The addresses are all compatible, so we can freely send from one type to another. Problems may arise at the software or platform level, where they might not have integrated the ability to handle a certain format. But that's not the case with XVerse.

4. Gestione delle Criptovalute

You can customize which cryptocurrency you want to display in your wallet by clicking on "Manage Token List", choosing between SIP-10, BRC-20, RUNES.

5. Managing Ordinals and Rare Satoshis

Through the Collectibles section, you can manage Ordinals Inscriptions, NFTs (Stacks), and Rare Satoshis.

You can then decide to Sell, Send, or Trade Rare Satoshis.

Isolation of Rare Satoshis

In order to sell Rare Satoshis, an Isolation procedure is required, which XVerse automatically handles. The simplest solution is to use Xverse notes.

When Bitcoin containing Rare Satoshis is deposited, XVerse will manage your individual satoshis as individual coins that you will find in the Collectibles section, allowing you the ability to sell them individually.

6. Earn Bitcoin Rewards through XVerse

With XVerse, you'll also have the opportunity to stake STX and earn BTC.

7. Connect to Bitcoin Web3 dApps

Select the browser tab and visit decentralized applications on Bitcoin, including NFT markets, DeFi protocols, GameFi, and much more.


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