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Sating - Find out if you have Rare Satoshis is the first user-friendly website that provides everyone with the ability to quickly check their Bitcoin wallets to find Satoshis (sats) with special attributes.

The usage is very simple, go to and enter your Bitcoin address.

You can search any Bitcoin address to see if there are valuable sats recognized by Sating. Simply enter the address into the box and click CHECK, and your sats will be displayed.

Now that you've discovered whether you have any Rare Satoshis, you'll need to follow the ISOLATION procedure to be able to sell and trade that individual Rare satoshi.

We recommend using the XVerse Wallet for this procedure


Now that you've discovered a rare satoshi and have isolated it using XVerse Wallet, you can list it for sale. To do so, you can use Sating in the corresponding "Marketplace" section.


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