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Telegram Tap BOT - AIRDROPS

Telegram, through its blockchain and the related TON coin, has initiated a multitude of decentralized applications created via bots, which can be used directly from Telegram.

By using various Telegram bots, it is possible to accumulate different coins,

as has been the case with NOTCOIN (NOT).

Notcoin has reached a fully diluted value of 1 billion dollars. In the first hour after the token's launch, the trading volume reached 294 million dollars, ranking as the tenth most liquid coin for trading.

Notcoin (NOT), a gaming token with a user base of over 35 million, has been interacted with through the game accessible via the Telegram app. It was distributed through airdrops and on various exchange platforms to those who interacted with the game.

After NotCoin, there are many Telegram bots

from which it is possible to obtain coins during the airdrop phase, which will then be listed on exchanges!

I admit that I intentionally overlooked NOTCOIN, not thinking it could be listed and have such a significant impact on the market.

I won't make the same mistake with other Telegram bot apps!

Most bots are games where you just need to click to progress.

To get more coins, you can use an autoclicker to help you. 😉

Here you can find the list of Telegram bots:

Hamster Combat: Mine coins by clicking and upgrading over time. Once you reach a good point, you won't need to click anymore; the miner will automatically earn coins for you over time. The fastest-growing game on Telegram!

Catizen: A game about kittens where you need to breed them to level up.

MemeFi: Instead of clicking on a coin, we beat a monster. Each level features a new monster with a large amount of life.

Cubes: Click to break the cubes and get tokens that will be listed.

WormFare Slap: Already existing on the Polygon blockchain network. The mechanics are similar to Notcoin, but you need to slap the worm.

BBQ Coin: Click on the barbecue to accumulate coins. Use the BOT upgrade to automatically earn crypto.

TapSwap: An analog of Notcoin on the existing Solana blockchain network.

The mechanism is identical, but it's much more convenient to play.

Dotcoin: Supported by Catizen! A game very similar to Notcoin, but the clickable area increases over time.

BunnyApp: Earn coins by clicking on the bunny, and increase your earnings with upgrades.

Timecoin: Start the miner and accumulate time over time.

Dragon: Click on the coin, earn coins, and use upgrades to increase earnings.

Yescoin: You need to collect coins by swiping your finger across the screen. There is an auto-start feature and various tasks to earn coins.

Stay updated with this article; I will add more bots as I find them! Which one will be listed next and bring earnings?!


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