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Wombat Wallet is one of the recommended wallets for managing the EOS, Telos, ETH, WAX blockchains, and their respective tokens on the network.

Easily usable with NFTs, blockchain games, and traditional non-blockchain games.

Available as a browser extension, Android app, or iOS app.

Depending on whether you use Wombat on Android, iOS, or via the Chrome browser extension, your experience may vary slightly, but in general, you will find a list of apps and games available in the Explore section of the bottom navigation bar of Wombat (on Chrome, click the Wombat icon in the top right corner of the browser window and choose "Explore").

Most games will open within Wombat or your browser, but some may require downloading an app.

This means that these games are only available on mobile devices, but you can log in with the same social login on multiple devices and restore your account to continue playing on all your devices.


If you want to receive tokens from others or send yourself tokens to your Wombat wallet, go to your wallet, choose the token you want to receive. The name or address of your account will be displayed at the top of the screen.


You can send tokens via the Send button to any other EOS account, including exchanges. Choose the token you want to send from the dropdown menu, enter the recipient's account, amount, and memo. The memo is mostly voluntary (leave it blank or type a nice message), except when sending EOS or other tokens to an exchange, where this will be required to safely deliver your funds.

If you're unsure, always try with a small amount first, and once you know it has arrived safely, make another larger transfer.


If you want to use other games or apps that use the EOS blockchain but don't find them in the Explorer, you can use the URL bar in the explorer to open it.



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