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EtherMail - 250 EMC Gratis

EtherMail is redefining email for Web3, setting the standard for encrypted and anonymous wallet-to-wallet communication.

It bridges the gap between web 2.0 email communication and web 3.0, giving users full ownership, control, and sovereignty over their mailbox.

For end-users, this means fully anonymous P2P communication and being rewarded for reading relevant content in their mailbox.

For businesses, this means sending rich and relevant content directly to resource holders based on real-time blockchain-synced information.

At the moment of creating an EtherMail account, you will receive 250 EMC!


  • Go to the website.

  • Register with your wallet and sign (The only requirement is that users have performed transactions on the blockchain, this is to prevent bots).

  • Add your email to receive 250 EMC.

These EMC rewards will be converted to $EMT once the token is launched.

The conversion rate of EMC to $EMT will be determined at the time of token launch.


This airdrop reminds me a lot of the past ENS (Ethereum Name Server) one, decentralized email domains. Those who participated received ENS tokens worth over $1000.


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