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Supra Oracles - FREE 1500 SUPRA

Supra Oracles is enhancing oracles for a better and decentralized future, linking real-world data to automate, streamline, and secure smart contracts in financial markets. They offer developers a groundbreaking set of Oracle tools and services to simplify the creation, deployment, and management of fast, reliable, and flexible data applications.

With the help of the verified research team, developer community, and a growing number of partners (240), they aim to address the oracle dilemma and empower the future of finance by laying the groundwork for its infrastructure.

SUPRA is currently conducting its airdrop,

and you can get 1500 SUPRA for free!

Simply complete the steps, and you'll earn a total of 1500 USD worth of SUPRA tokens, along with the chance to win fantastic prizes every month, such as a trip around the world or a Supra car...


  • Go to their website.

  • Scroll down and click on "Get Started."

  • Register and verify your email.

  • Complete your KYC.

  • Now, complete the simple tasks and earn 1500 SUPRA tokens.

  • Invite your friends and earn more SUPRA tokens.


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