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Nova Network - Social WEB3

Nova Network is a web3 social media application and platform focused on user-generated content.

Nova encourages users to be both content creators and consumers.

As creators, users create and share content in text, graphic, and video formats with their followers.

As consumers, users not only browse content but also vote positively or negatively on content to determine its display order across the platform.

How does Nova differ?

Nova rewards users through Novas tokens - and Novas Plus tokens.

Users can increase their token balance through:

  1. Accessing the application (and initiating daily earning sessions)

  2. Upvoting and downvoting other users' content

  3. Publishing content and receiving positive votes

Traditional social media, whose content sequence is determined by proprietary algorithms (where app operators dominate the choice of content presented to users), differs from Nova.

Nova prioritizes content to users based on:

  1. A publishing timeline

  2. Popularity determined by "positive" and "negative" votes.

USERS determine what is share-worthy, not algorithms.

Token utility - Advertisers will need to purchase and use tokens in the Nova Network ecosystem to place advertisements. And the Nova platform will use part of the ecosystem earnings to benefit users.

Therefore, users (both consumers and content creators) will truly own and monetize their content and share the commercial benefits of their active engagement.


Novas tokens are the basic unit of Nova Network's token economy and serve the following purposes:

  1. P2P Transfer: You can initiate a P2P transfer to give a tip or contribute to other users as a goodwill gesture.

  2. Content Subscription or Paywall: Once you've subscribed to a piece of content or a paywall within the Nova Network social media app, you'll pay a predefined amount of Novas tokens as a transaction fee, and 2% of the tokens paid will be burned.

  3. Payment for "Top Comment Position" on Post Comments: Users can purchase and pin their comments to the top of a post. When another user purchases the top comment space, the original user receives Novas tokens equivalent to the payment amount minus the transaction fee.

Regarding KYC, Novas tokens generated by you and other team members will initially be held in the Unverified Account until you pass the KYC process. Subsequently, the tokens will be transferred to the Locked Account and, after 12 months, to the Savings Account. Only tokens in the Savings Account can be used.

Novas Plus tokens are essential in Nova Network's token economy and offer multiple utilities, such as payment for advertising fees, support for content creators and advertisers, and participation in project governance.

Tokens will be distributed to users for their activities, with early adopters having more opportunities to accumulate larger token quantities. Subsequently, tokens will be distributed among all users based on this pattern:


Through this guide, we'll understand how to earn from the app:

  1. Download the Android or iOS app.

  2. Use the code "coinspark" to register.

  3. Every day, you have the opportunity to earn Novas tokens simply by logging into the app and going to the second section, as shown in these screens.

  4. You can click on "Draw power-up" to get a bonus on the tokens you earn daily.

  5. From your profile section, you can earn tokens by liking.

  6. To earn Novas Plus, you'll need to complete KYC. You can perform KYC after logging into the app for 10 days and checking in.


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