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ZEBEDEE - Play and Earn BTC

Zebedee is a wallet for the Bitcoin Lightning Network! The Lightning Network makes Bitcoin much faster and with minimal fees (just a few satoshis), all while remaining Bitcoin, but with improved performance!

Zebedee also allows you to play video games that enable you to earn Satoshi, both on PC and smartphone.

"Your time is valuable. Spend it on games that reward you for it."


  • Download the Zebedee wallet for Android or iOS.

  • Register with Google, Discord, or Email.

  • Choose the game you prefer to play.

  • Use your gamertag to link the game to the wallet.

  • Play and accumulate Satoshi on the Zebedee wallet.

  • Withdraw to an external decentralized wallet that supports the Bitcoin Lightning Network; we recommend Blue Wallet (withdrawal shown in the photo below).

To get 500 Satoshi per day:

Using the Bitcoin Miner game, Android or iOS you can accumulate Bitcoin for free. Just start playing and let your phone work for you!

If you have a spare phone lying around, it could definitely be worthwhile to put it to work!


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