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Torum - XTM Free

Updated: May 1

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Platform: PC - Smartphone

Torum is working to become the first crypto-centric social media platform. Supported by blockchain technology and its crypto XTM, Torum is forming a community primarily made up of cryptocurrency users.

As the community grows over time, it will create a network effect that will attract even more cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain projects to the Torum platform.

The entire platform is supported by the XTM token, which was created as an ERC-20 token and also linked to the Binance Smart Chain. The XTM token has many different use cases on the platform, including:

Share and Collect

Send and receive cryptocurrencies to respectively accumulate Shard and Dust.

Shard and Dust are significant boosting multipliers on Torum Finance.

Learn and Earn

Receive rewards with Airdrops by learning more about credible cryptographic projects in the Torum ecosystem.

Staking - Earn passive income

Through the XTM Farm, you can provide liquidity to the XTM/BNB pair on PancakeSwap and receive passive income.

Social NFT

An integrated NFT marketplace of SocialFi that allows everyone to showcase their NFTs with a profile identity and takes NFT community building to a whole new level.

Avatar NFT

Paving the way for the world's first tokenized SocialFi metaverse with PFP Avatar NFTs and allowing everyone to own proof of their unique virtual identity.


There are several ways you can earn XTM. The simplest way is to log in to Torum every day and collect the daily login reward, but you can also:

  • Complete missions, including daily, weekly, monthly, and special missions

  • Earn from likes on your content

  • Invite friends and earn rewards


  • Register on the website

  • Use the referral code "coinspark"

  • Set up your social profile

  • Complete daily, weekly, and special missions

  • Create your content and earn from likes

  • Invite friends to earn more XTM


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