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Socios - Get the FanTokens of your team.

Network: Socios

Platform: Smartphone Android - iOS

socios fan token

Socios is a mobile app, available on Android and iOS, for football fans and beyond.

Through the Fan Tokens of partner teams, once accumulated or purchased within the app (remember, they are limited in supply), you'll have the opportunity to vote on specific club decisions, purchase merchandise, make predictions, and much more.

The more fan tokens you own, the greater influence you'll have and the more rewards you can redeem. In addition to voting rights, Fan Tokens act as a membership card for accessing rewards, merchandise, games, and much more.

Once acquired, they remain in your possession until you decide to sell them on the in-app market for the cryptocurrency CHZ or use them as a payment method. Socios operates on blockchain technology and utilizes the cryptocurrency CHZ, which is currently tradable on Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange!

In the "Token Hunt" section, through the Token Hunt feature, you'll have the chance to find CHZ and Fan Tokens, similar to how it was done in Pokemon Go.

Watch the short video to understand what we're talking about!

How to earn tokens through the Socios app?

  • Download the Android or iOS app from the website.

  • Create an account and confirm your email from your inbox and log in.

  • Enter the "Token Hunt" section.

  • Using the map, click on the tokens and hit "Capture" when you find them.

  • The token will be added to your wallet!

You won't always find CHZ or Fan Tokens of value, but with perseverance and just 5 minutes a day, Socios can yield nice results for free!

ottieni chz con socios


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