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Replay - Get RPLAY with Movies and Videos

Replay is a decentralized and transparent video distribution ecosystem based on blockchain technology.

The core framework is Replay, a monitoring and payment platform for content owners. It accurately measures every view and ensures that users are rewarded, while also enabling distribution platforms and publishers to access content for their audience and pay them predictably so they can optimize their business.

Replay connects content owners, distributors, and consumers, termed content consumption, by eliminating friction and economic costs associated with existing distribution methods.

Replay is an economic system that rewards consumers while entertaining them and providing creators and owners with real-time user data and payments.


  • Sign up for Replay.

  • Sync or create an account on REWARDED TV to watch movies.

  • Sync or create an account on Thetadrop.

  • Go to REWARDED TV and watch a movie of your choice! Every 15 minutes of viewing, you'll accumulate RPLAY tokens!

Here are some examples:


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