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Publish0x - Earn by reading articles

We can define Publish0x as a decentralized blog based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Unlike many competitors, Publish0x offers the opportunity for both readers and authors to be rewarded in the form of cryptocurrency.

It does not have its own currency but provides earnings in the form of various tokens, continually changing the reward cryptos to increase users' earnings and the variety of cryptocurrencies accumulated.

How to earn with Publish0x:

Earn by reading articles

Once you've created an account, all you have to do is read a creator's article and give them a tip.

The tip crypto will be different each time and will be distributed between the author and the tipper. You can also choose the percentage to split between you and the creator. If you want to earn more, remember to set "20% to author / 80% to me," as shown in the image below.

Click on TIP and get your reward!

To get the next reward, you'll need to wait 5 - 10 minutes.

Earn by publishing

You can become a creator by clicking on the menu and selecting "become an author," then choose to create content for the community. Over time, if you're able to build a strong follower list, you can generate good earnings for each article.

Valuable and up-to-date content based on information can attract more followers, more tips, and greater chances to increase your earnings.


Go to your profile and select the currency you want to withdraw, make sure it's at least $1.

There are different withdrawal methods, each with its minimum withdrawal requirement:

KuCoin Withdrawals (RECOMMENDED)

Minimum withdrawal to KuCoin: $0.5 in ETH, AMPL, and USDC, respectively.

Next payment date for ETH, AMPL, and USDC withdrawals to KuCoin: Funds are sent every Monday and will be in your account by or before Thursday.

To link Kucoin and Publish0x, you'll need to enter your Kucoin UID in the "Kucoin wallet" section in the settings.


Log in to KuCoin, and in the top right corner under your profile, you'll find the UID. Copy it and paste it on Publish0x.

On-Chain Withdrawals

On-chain withdrawals for ETH, AMPL, USDC, and SPOT: Every week (as long as gas prices allow, which means < 20 Gwei per gas)*

Minimum on-chain withdrawals for ETH and AMPL: $5 in ETH or AMPL. (withdraw to KuCoin with $0.5 in AMPL as the minimum withdrawal amount)

Minimum on-chain withdrawals for USDC and SPOT: $2 in USDC and $1 in SPOT.


  • Create an account, SIGN UP

  • Read articles, tip, and earn crypto.

  • Alternatively, become a creator and publish your content.

  • Withdraw your new crypto!


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