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PipeFlare - Faucet ZEC - FLR - MATIC

Pipeflare is a website that hosts arcade games and also serves as a cryptocurrency faucet for ZCash (ZEC), Polygon (MATIC), and its own currency, Flare Token (FLR).

On this platform, you can claim small amounts of cryptocurrencies every day, compete in tournaments to earn cryptocurrencies, trade NFTs, and stake FLR (the internal crypto).

Every day on PipeFlare, you can earn ZEC, MATIC, and FLR, with ZEC withdrawals being automatic to an external wallet!


PipeFlare has launched a new NFT Marketplace. Most of the NFTs are reward items, and now user-created NFTs are also available!

You can now buy and sell NFTs through PipeFlare!

However, you can only make purchases using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Union Pay, etc. Crypto payments are not yet available.


You can stake FLR for up to 15% annually, and by staking over 1000 FLR, you gain access to some premium airdrops.


  • Register on the website.

  • Claim ZEC, FLR, and MATIC daily.

  • Use Brave browser to earn more.

  • Stake FLR to earn additional FLR.


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