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Notarify - Secure Documents on Blockchain

Notarify, a blockchain company of Confcommercio, is the first cloud-based digital archive with which you can upload, certify, and sign all your files, enhancing their legal value and enabling simple and secure sharing thanks to the power of Blockchain.

With Notarify, no one can steal your idea, your documents, misuse your brand logo, or tamper with the data you have sent to a client!

What can you use Notarify for?

Why certify documents on the blockchain?

  • Increase the security of your files

  • Prevent plagiarism attempts

  • Digitally sign contracts, even with biometric signature

  • Prevent falsification of certificates and certifications

  • Protect your intellectual property (for any type of file)

How to use Notarify?

Using Notarify is very simple, intuitive, and best of all, free! Sign up

If you've ever used Google Drive, certifying your documents will be a breeze!

Just upload the documents to your storage space on Notarify, and automatically your documents will be registered on 3 different blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Eos), at no additional cost.

Through the blockchains, you will receive a hash with a timestamp and a unique certificate for your file, which guarantees its ownership and date of insertion, also having legal validity in case you need it as evidence!

Here's a demonstrative video from the CEO himself, Federico Monti, of Notarify.

Register and start protecting and certifying your files!

Currently, many professionals including lawyers, accountants, consultants, choose and use Notarify!

Even the Mediolanum group, for the second consecutive year, has notarized the Consolidated Non-Financial Declaration (DNF) 2019 on the blockchain.


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