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Maxity - plant and earn rewards

Network: Polygon

Platform: Smartphone

Maxity leverages blockchain technology to innovate the way NGOs raise funds and to enhance transparency in the sector, presenting itself as the first marketplace for charity NFTs.

Maxity incorporates Metaverse, NFT, and SocialFi models, helping charities understand the potential of blockchain technology and providing a unique solution for non-profit organizations, NGOs, social enterprises, and donors who wish to contribute to society.

Maxity APP

The Maxity app serves as an NFT marketplace, wallet, and Forest, from which you can earn MAX by collecting energy (exchangeable for MAX) over time and by walking.


  • Download the app

  • Collect energy over time

  • Earn energy by taking 8000 steps every day

  • Exchange energy for MAX or use it to improve your forest and earn more energy


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