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How can one get free crypto?

As young people, we were taught to believe that 'no one gives us anything for nothing,' or that 'to earn, we must find a stable job' and break our backs every day...

"I'll give you a piece of advice, never underestimate the free methods. Thanks to them, I've never had to invest a euro, trade, or fall into any scams. I've been all-in (meaning I only have crypto, no euros) in crypto for 7 years and I don't even know what a bank account is." - Nicolò Allodio, Creator of Coinspark

Get ready, I'm not telling you that you'll become rich tomorrow with this. It takes time and consistency!

But let's start with the basics...


Free methods are systems you can use to obtain cryptocurrencies and NFTs FOR FREE!


Do you know why Google, Facebook, and YouTube are free?

Because YOU are the product!

And they don't even pay you for being their product!

How many times have you found yourself talking about something and then immediately seeing ads related to that thing?! That's because the platform sold your data to third parties... And made quite a profit...

In the crypto sector, however, projects that want to get noticed use tools that simply pay you for your activity, your attention, and your social interactions...

More ethical, right?

crypto gratis btc


Here are all the most well-known and classic methods:

  • FAUCETS: The term "faucet" evokes the image of a dripping tap, and just as water drips, these sites release small amounts of cryptocurrencies simply by clicking a button, often labeled CLAIM, over time. Why do they pay? The reason lies in the fact that companies sponsor these faucets to display their ads to users who visit them, and in return, the faucet shares part of the revenue with users, giving them cryptocurrencies.

  • PAY TO CLICK: Pay to Click sites are usually platforms that offer rewards to users for performing a series of actions, including answering surveys, browsing a site for a certain period of time, downloading applications, or completing registrations, and so on. Although the Pay to Click initiative has been integrated into many faucet sites, you can still find some around the web. Why do they pay? Similarly to faucets, these sites have agreements with companies that want to promote their content to users. As a result, the Pay to Click site receives compensation for displaying such content, and part of these revenues is shared with users who perform the required actions.

  • AIRDROPS: Airdrops represent one of my favorite ways to earn! Basically, an airdrop is a marketing tool used by new crypto projects to promote their activity. These new projects give users coins in exchange for various social activities, such as likes and shares, website registrations, app downloads, and so on. Each project usually defines the terms of its own airdrop independently, without following a predefined standard. The peculiarity of airdrops is that the cryptocurrencies obtained in this way usually do not have an immediate value since they are distributed during the initial promotion phase of the project. However, the value of these cryptocurrencies can increase significantly once they are listed on an exchange platform, where their price is determined by market demand and supply. At this stage, the coins obtained during the airdrop can acquire a value, which can range from 1€ to 10€, 100€, and in some cases even up to 10,000€ or more (as in the case of IMX). Why do they pay? As we have already mentioned, the goal is to reward users for contributing to the promotion of the project, and the value of the coins increases based on the success of the project in the market.

  • TESTNET AIRDROPS: Testnet airdrops are similar to classic airdrops, with the only difference that they involve test activities on new blockchain networks through De.Fi (Decentralized Finance). These airdrops tend to be more complex than classic ones, but they usually offer higher returns. I suggest you start with classic airdrops to get familiar with the concept before venturing into testnet airdrops.

  • TOOLS: A wide range of crypto projects offer rewards in cryptocurrencies for using their platforms and services. For example, Brave pays us for using its browser (similar to Google Chrome), Presearch compensates us for using its search engine (similar to Google), Maxity and many others reward the steps we take, Swash for online browsing, and so on. Why do they pay? Unlike traditional companies, where we are considered the product and are exploited for our attention or personal data, in this case, we receive direct compensation for using the services offered.

  • BLOCKCHAIN GAMES: Yes, you read that right! Games! Thanks to the blockchain, it's possible to earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) while having fun. Currently, there are about 1000 crypto games that allow you to monetize while having fun, offering a wide range of options ranging from classic games like Snake to more complex shooters. Blockchain games have transformed the gaming industry, moving from the idea of "games for fun" to "play to earn" (PLAY to EARN). Why do they pay? These games have integrated into their project a digital currency used within their ecosystem, thus allowing players to monetize their gaming activities. (Keep in mind that in this case, you may find yourself unable to tell your children to stop playing when they start earning more than you).

metodi gratis per accumulare crypto


Remember that with cryptocurrencies, you're not getting cents or dollars, but you're getting cryptocurrencies, which could potentially increase in value. So, don't underestimate them when you see that they are worth only a few cents at the moment...

I remind you that 1000 DOGE in 2015 earned for free daily with a faucet were worth €0.02, then 1 DOGE reached €0.73!


You can find the free methods, divided by section on the "free crypto" page. Check the airdrop section weekly; I usually add 1-3 articles per week.

The world of cryptocurrencies offers extraordinary opportunities for those willing to explore and adopt new approaches. Through free methods, we have the chance to obtain cryptocurrencies without having to invest money or fall victim to scams.

It's a journey that requires time, commitment, and basic knowledge, but the results can be surprising.

Always remember that with cryptocurrencies, you're not just getting digital currency, but potentially opening the doors to a world of unprecedented financial opportunities.

Join me on this adventure, and together we'll explore the infinite possibilities of the crypto world.

I'll be waiting for you!



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