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Gala Games

GALA isn't just a cryptocurrency; it's a gateway to an entire ecosystem of blockchain-based games where power is in the hands of the players. Through its ecosystem, GALA offers a unique gaming experience that combines fun with asset ownership and earning potential. If you're a fan of video games and blockchain, this evolving world is worth exploring.

In this article, you'll discover its features and the opportunities it offers!

GALA Crypto

  • Utility Token: GALA powers the ecosystem, allowing you to purchase in-game assets, NFTs, and pay transaction fees.

  • Play-to-Earn: Earn GALA by playing games and completing quests.

  • Governance: GALA holders can vote on development proposals and influence the future of the ecosystem.

  • NFTs: Own and trade unique and collectible in-game items represented as NFTs.

  • Nodes: Run a node to support the network and earn rewards in GALA and NFTs.

Games and Descriptions:

GALA has produced and is developing several blockchain games. Here's the complete list of games:

Among the most successful games are:

Town Star: A city-building and simulation strategy game where you build and manage your own settlement.

Spider Tanks: A fast-paced battle royale-style tank game with NFT elements.

Mirandus: An open-world fantasy RPG where players can own land, battle monsters, and complete quests.


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