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Earn Alliance - earn ALLY tokens and NFTs daily!

The blockchain technology has revolutionized the way gamers and video games interact, particularly through the play-to-earn function.

Earn Alliance emerges as the largest aggregator of Web3 games, coupled with a social platform that allows gamers, game developers, and communities to connect, explore, and thrive in the world of Web3 gaming. This encompasses its game-focused launchpad and content aggregator, bringing together over 2400 game tweets, Discord announcements, and Twitter spaces.

Earn Alliance has forged partnerships with major Web3 games such as BigTime, Kingdom Story, Stella Fantasy, and Gods Unchained, resulting in the creation of 500,000 NFTs in the past six months. Remarkably, some gaming communities have seen growth of up to 362% in just 10 minutes thanks to this feature!

Getting ALLY Daily

  1. Register on Earn Alliance using Metamask, Twitter, or Discord.

  2. Every day, by logging into Earn Alliance and scrolling through the "the wall" section, you'll have the chance to find chests containing gold and ALLY tokens!

3. The gold you find can be used to purchase legendary chests containing more ALLY tokens and NFTs from various blockchain games that you can resell!

In addition to earning ALLY every day, head to the ROCKET LAUNCHER section to participate in the MINT of various projects to get NFTs from blockchain games!

Here are some of the NFTs received:


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