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dMeet - Decentralized conferences

DMeet is a free and open-source dApp for audio/video conferences with an AI voice translator. You can compare it to Zoom or Meet, but it is built on the decentralized communication network of dTelecom.

Currently, DMeet offers the possibility to earn points, and consequently tokens, for participating in and using the dApp.

The Content Creator Rewards Program

This program aims to attract content creators and new users to the world of decentralized communication.

All participants authorized for the program will earn points for creating audio/video meetings and live streaming on the dMeet platform.

These points can be exchanged for NFT vouchers and converted into $DTEL tokens or sold on the pre-market before the token listing.

The Content Creator Rewards Program has been allocated $20,000,000 in $DTEL tokens.

The total number of tokens to be distributed through this program is 6% (60,000,000 tokens), with a campaign duration of 12 months.

How It Works

For all users who create or participate in meetings, points are awarded which will be converted into DTEL tokens according to these rules:


  1. Go to the website

  2. Click on "Connect" at the top right of the screen

  3. Connect with MetaMask or Magic (email)

A Call to Earn DTEL Tokens

To give everyone the opportunity to earn DTEL tokens, I have created a chat that will always be open. You just need to join and stay in the call to accumulate tokens!


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