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CoinMarketCap- Crypto List and earn diamonds

CoinMarketCap is the real-time list of existing cryptocurrencies, classified based on volumes.

You can see the daily price changes of each individual coin.

If you click on a single coin, you can receive all the related information.

On the left side, you can find:

  • Coin rank

  • Website

  • Explorer

  • Latest updates

While opening the respective tab of a coin, you will find:

  • Time chart

  • Markets, all the exchanges where you can trade the crypto.

  • Social

  • Tools

  • Historical data

CoinMarketCap Diamonds

Through Coinmarketcap, you can earn diamonds by claiming them daily.

These diamonds can be used to redeem various offers, such as:

  • Discounts on crypto products.

  • Physical wallet devices.

  • Informative e-books.

  • And various NFTs from different projects!


  • Create an account on coinmarketcap

  • Claim your diamonds daily while browsing crypto statistics.

  • Use the diamonds to redeem various crypto NFTs and offers!



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