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Coingecko - Crypto Markets & Free candy da scambiare per Premi

You can use CoinGecko to get real-time information on the value of each individual project, ranked by market capitalization (supply x unit price).

By creating an account, you can set up your portfolio, inputting the quantity and type of currency. CoinGecko will then provide you with your real-time value!

Selecting a single crypto project allows you to view:

  • The project's website.

  • Blockchain explorer tools used by the crypto.

  • Major wallets.

  • Social and community channels of the crypto.

  • Conversion tool.

  • At the bottom, Markets, Exchanges where the crypto is traded.

Coingecko Candy

Through Coingecko, you can earn candy by claiming them daily. These candies can be used to redeem various offers, such as:

  • Discounts on crypto products.

  • Physical wallet devices.

  • Informative e-books.

  • And various NFTs from different projects!


  • Create an account on

  • Claim your candies daily while browsing crypto statistics.

  • Use the candies to redeem various crypto NFTs and offers!


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