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Brave - The Browser of the Future

Updated: Apr 20


Platform: PC - Android iOS

Brave is a browser that visually resembles most browsers, but it stands out for:

  • Blocking advertisements

  • Its speed and privacy, which surpass those of most common browsers

  • Integration of blockchain through the use of the BAT token

Brave is based on the Chromium Web browser project, an open-source project by Google (the same people who created Chrome). Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet, and Opera also use it as the basis for their code, offering users a Chrome-like experience. If you've used Google Chrome, transitioning to Brave won't be difficult. It has a similar user experience, allows you to install the same browser extensions, and simplifies syncing bookmarks and settings across all devices.

Unique (and free) features of Brave

Here are some additional features that make Brave a good option:

  1. Brave Talk: It's a free video calling feature, similar to Google Meet or Zoom. You can use it to chat for free with up to four people, without downloading an app, from any browser. You can customize your call by creating an access room, setting a password, having private rooms, subgroups, and even creating live streams directly from the Brave browser. And since everything is done through the Brave browser, the calls are encrypted! You can also opt for the premium version (€7/month) to invite as many people as you want to the call and to record the calls.

  2. Brave VPN and integrated free firewall: By using a private tab with Tor, you'll automatically use a VPN, protecting your device and not recording your online activity or IP address.

  3. Earning BAT rewards for browsing: If you've enabled the rewards feature, you'll earn BAT tokens, the Brave browser's token, used in the blockchain-based advertising and digital services platform. You can collect them by browsing and decide whether to keep them or donate them to your favorite websites and content creators. Creators and publishers can verify their site on Brave and receive BAT tokens as donations. Both users and creators can transfer the BAT they receive to a wallet and exchange it for real money or use it to purchase ads on the platform.

Here's how to install Brave and enable the Reward feature:

  1. First, you'll need to install Brave Browser, available for desktop, Android, and iOS.

Go to the download page and download the version according to your operating system and platform.

Once you've downloaded Brave, this will be your homepage. Starting from the left, you can see:

  • Blocked trackers and ads, bandwidth and time saved.

  • Most visited websites.

  • On the right, you have the option to make a call using Brave and the BAT rewards.

  • At the bottom, you can find settings, bookmarks, and history.

interfaccia brave browser

2. To receive BAT, you need to register with Uphold. Uphold is a cryptocurrency exchange. To register, you need to undergo KYC (Know Your Customer) verification and link your account to Brave. Automatically, you will receive BAT on Uphold every 1st of the month!

3. Link your Uphold account to Brave Rewards. Go to settings and click "Brave Rewards."

4. Click the blue "Connect Account" button to link Uphold to Brave browser. I recommend keeping Uphold open in a Brave browser tab and then clicking "Connect Account." This way, it will be easier.

5. Disable auto-contribute. Once Uphold is linked, still from the Brave Rewards section, you'll need to disable auto-contribute. By leaving it active, the BAT you accumulate will be given as tips to verified sites you visit on Brave.


You're ready to use Brave Browser and accumulate BAT with every browsing session!

Other features of Brave Browser

Set Brave as your default browser

To set Brave as your default browser on your computer, whether during installation or afterward, follow these steps:

  1. Open Brave and click the menu button to open the main Brave menu. (It's in the top-right corner of the browser window.)

  2. Choose "Settings."

  3. Click on the "On Startup" section.

  4. Click "Make Default."

Import your bookmarks and other settings

You can import all your bookmarks and settings from the browser you've always used. Brave makes it easy to import them all to get started quickly.

To import bookmarks and settings:

  1. Click the menu button to open the main Brave menu. (It's in the top-right corner of the browser window.)

  2. Choose "Settings."

  3. Click "On Startup."

  4. Click "Import bookmarks and settings."

  5. Choose the browser you want to import from.

  6. Choose what you want to import: bookmarks, passwords, history, extensions. Depending on the browser you're importing from, you'll have different information you can import.

Enable Brave Sync

You can easily keep your settings and bookmarks synced across all your devices with Brave Sync. Instead of creating an account in the browser and logging in wherever you're using it, Brave uses a random one-time passphrase to sync the data.

To activate Brave Sync:

  1. Open the main Brave menu in the browser from which you want to sync information and click on "Sync."

  2. Click on "Start using Sync" to initiate a new sync chain (what Brave calls "sync").

  3. Choose the type of device you want to sync to, either computer or phone/tablet. Brave generates the passphrase that you can use on the second device. For computers, it's the simple passphrase you can copy/paste, while for phones/tablets, it's a QR code of the passphrase.

  4. On your second device, go to Main Menu > Settings > Sync, and click on "I have a sync code."

  5. Enter the passphrase (for computers only) or scan the QR code (for phones/tablets). Your two devices are now synced, and the information is shared between them.

Manage Brave browser shields

The Brave browser employs best security practices to automatically protect you from ad trackers, cross-site content, and unsecured websites. However, there may be times when you need to disable them to fully enjoy the user experience of certain websites.

By default, Brave Shields block everything, and the lion icon appears orange.

scudi brave broser

If you want to disable the blocks, simply click on the orange lion icon to disable them. This will turn the icon gray, and the shields will be disabled.

scudi brave broser

You can adjust the shields for all sites through the browser settings (Main Menu > Settings > Shields). These options will apply to all visited websites.

We recommend using Brave with the default blocking enabled and disabling them on a per-need basis and for trusted websites.

Use advanced private windows

We're used to incognito or private browsing windows, but in Brave, a private window is truly private. It prevents the saving of browsing history, form data, cookies, and site data once the window is closed.

Brave has two options for private browsing: Private Window and Private Window with Tor.

  • Private Window: This option prevents Brave from saving browsing activity beyond the current session, so when you close the window, it clears the activity data.

  • Private Window with Tor connectivity: This option connects you to websites through a proxy similar to a VPN, partially shielding your browsing activity from websites and other trackers. Websites only see the final connection to access the website, protecting your original IP address. This option secures your browsing activity but may slow down your browsing experience, so you may want to use it only when browsing specific sites instead of as a regular option.


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