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Blockfence - Wallet Security

Blockfence enhances security for your wallet by introducing Web3 Mapping, providing a proactive risk and threat mapping layer for wallets, exchanges, and interactions against scams and frauds.

By employing advanced AI functionalities and reverse engineering, Blockfence unveils hidden links in Web3, connecting the dots and shedding light on digital assets to detect and anticipate harmful resources or entire campaigns, changing the game of chasing bad actors and introducing proactive Web3 security.

As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure," and in Web3, when mistakes are made, there is no cure!


The Blockfence browser extension acts as your personal bodyguard in the crypto world, providing you with real-time anonymous protection.

Designed for both ease of use and effectiveness, it closely watches for potential threats, giving you the freedom to explore and interact with the Web3 ecosystem securely.

It integrates with any browser, shielding you from threats like phishing and harmful smart contracts.

You can download the browser extension from here:

With this extension, you can scan smart contracts and websites to find potential threats and ensure that a site is legitimate.


Blockfence has been chosen by the Metamask wallet as one of the first approved Snaps. A Metamask Snap is a specific expansion for the Metamask wallet. Snaps integrate services into Metamask, eliminating the need for any external extensions or applications.

Through Blockfence Snap for MetaMask, the wallet allows you to assess the security of your transactions before consenting to them and provides real-time security. This ensures you avoid scams and fraudulent activities.


Click on "Add to Metamask"

Clicca su connetti e installa!

Done, now when you try to connect to a scam site that aims to drain your account, Blockfence will intervene!


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